Free advice on how to craft a research paper quickly

You have to complete your research paper starting right from scratch and submit it within a despairingly short time. Apparently this might seem an impossible task, but you can produce a reasonably good paper in a short time if you apply yourself and follow some simple rules.

Plan the project

  • Your time is limited so you have to plan the entire work accordingly.
  • Schedule the whole project using planner/charts or an app, marking major work areas as well as weak links.
  • Make your own deadline ahead of the submission date.
  • Prepare to be innovative and adaptive.

Fix your topic

  • Fixing your research topic is the very important first step. Base your decision on –
  • Your interest, awareness and significance or relevance of a topic.
  • A topic requiring less research or field work.
  • Feedback from your research guide.

Detail your ideas to make a framework

  • Explore your initial ideas to get the details and create a frame for your research paper. There are some basic points to remember
  • Identify what you want to say and its importance.
  • Identify the type of research or resources you will require.
  • Identify the areas in which your paper can be divided.
  • While exploring start documenting and organizing useful resources. This helps in quick access while writing and creating the bibliography.

Start writing

  • Start writing the paper as you gather information. While writing remember to –
  • Use a simple and clear language for better communication and readability.
  • Keep your writing in perspective – adhere to your topic throughout.
  • Be explicit with your data and research findings.
  • Draw attention to the vital points of the paper.
  • Be illustrative and also use statistical tools wherever required
  • Dedicate more time and effort to write the abstract, introduction and summery.
  • Get feedback from your guide on write and modify accordingly.

Edit and re edit

Start editing when you start to write. While editing keep in mind -

  • There should be no spelling, grammatical and typographical errors.
  • The paper should seem coherent and flow easily from one chapter to the next.
  • All the chapters starting from the content page to the bibliography are in order and the paper is in the format required by your institute.

Before you submit go through the entire paper totally. You’ll be surprised at the number of mistakes you’ll correct in this last revision.

A Thing to Keep in Mind

Don’t forget that even though works like this need research and some basic data facts, it’s yours and it has to be personalized. You’ll have to add your personal opinion to the thesis and shape the whole work around it, and also it would be a good tip for your conclusion. In the end, you’ll have to summarize the whole work and the arguments or points you’ll have in it (just remember to summarize and not restate them to make it professional). And you can also add your own thought and end your paper with it.

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